Pole Theory.
Aerial Fitness Studio

Studio Policies

 Late Policy

Photos and Videos

Do not be late. Doors will be locked at the beginning of every class. You should be dressed and ready to start on time. Be respectful of the instructors and other students.
Be respectful of others during class. Please ask the instructor prior to taking photos and recording. You are welcome to stay after class a few minutes to record and take photos.

Alcoholic Beverages

Studio Etiquette

There will be no alcohol served on premises. If you show up to class under the influence, you will not be allowed in class.
Please be respectful of others. NO BULLYING WILL BE TOLERATED. We will support and encourage one another.

Age Limit

Cell Phones

Must be at least 18 years old to participate.
Please turn ringer off during class. If you do bring a phone to class, we will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.