Pole Theory.
Aerial Fitness Studio
Owners - Who are they...

Erica Jessica and Samantha . 

Erica and Jessica fell in love with pole in 2012.  An hour of giggling and fun followed by waking up with sore muscles had us sold. Insecurities were melting away with each class. We noticed an increase in strength and flexibility and a new love for what our bodies were capable of doing instead of worrying about what they looked like.  It was such an amazing feeling and we knew it was time we brought our love of pole close to home.
In 2015, we decided to bring our dream to life. The pole community is unlike anything we have ever experienced before, the support and love is contagious. Although you may not see her in the studio too often, Samantha is our Creative Director. She handles all of our media and social networking.

Our goal is to provide a fun environment for anyone who is willing to #BREAKTHEMOLD.